Types of Aquarium Covers

Types of Aquarium Covers

What Are The Best Aquarium Covers Available?

  • Aquarium covers are the most important parts of the Aquarium tanks. However, many tend to ignore this part.
  • There are various types of Aquarium covers, namely the lids, hoods, and canopies.
  • Each appears differently on your aquarium, and you can select one, according to your preferences and taste.
  • Here is the brief information on the types mentioned above, which will help you choose the right cover for your aquarium:

Glass Lids for Aquarium Covers

  • An aquarium glass lid, may not have a predominant appearance but has some really important functions.
  • Firstly, it prevents the evaporation of water from the tank. A few fish usually tend to jump off the aquarium, and having a lid, can prevent that. It also acts as a barrier between the lighting fixture and the water.
  • These are the best aquarium covers, for various reasons; they fit into the aquarium easily, these lids are extremely easy to clean, and lastly, these are more durable too. Cost wise, glass lids are a little expensive when compared to the plastic cover.
  • Look for the glass lid that comes with a back strip, which allows a cutout for equipment such as filter and other aquarium devices.
  • Glass lids are usually well manufactured, and will not need more maintenance, which is important in the long run.

Hoods: Plastic Hoods as Aquarium Covers

  • Hoods are one of the cost-effective types of Aquarium covers; plastic hood is an example. The major function of the hood is to cover the lighting fixture.
  • Hoods are much less expensive than the glass lids, as these cover the aquarium, and will also house the lighting fixture.
  • One of the major drawbacks of the hoods is that, it does not fit in well, like the glass lids, and this leads to the evaporation of the water in the fish tank.
  • Durability is another issue, as plastic becomes harder over time, and tend to break, which is not the case with the glass lids.
  • The lighting fixture is the important thing to keep an eye on, when you are purchasing a hood, for your aquarium.
  • Hoods that are least expensive will have cheap lighting fixtures. Study the specifications of each hood, before going for one.

Canopy Aquarium Covers

  • Canopies are a type of Aquarium cover, which covers the aquarium top, completely. Canopies not only have a distinct function such as evaporation prevention, or protection of lights but, they will also make your aquarium look, beautiful.
  • Aquarium canopies are usually made out of wood and will complement the aquarium stand.
  • Canopies are comparatively expensive than the other two types of the aquarium covers and are not always necessary. As said, canopies are more about the aesthetics, rather than functions.

DIY Aquarium Covers DIY Video:

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