How To Make Indoor Fish Tank Decorations

How To Make Indoor Fish Tank Decorations

How Can I Decorate My Fish Tank with Affordable Decorations?

  • The aquarium is an attractive addition to your place, and with few more creative ideas, you can make it look more attractive.
  • An indoor coffee table fish tank can be the highlight of a living room with a few nice decorations.
  • A plain aquarium with only a few fish in it, is no good and will be too boring, which makes it important for you to think about different means to make your aquarium look like a visual treat.
  • There are an infinite number of ways to make your aquarium decorations, cost effective, yet have an attractive appearance. Few ideas here may help you get going with your aquarium decorations, today.

First Step: Decontamination

Before adding any decorative to your aquarium, make sure it is decontaminated. This is important to keep your fish healthy, and aquarium, clean and safe.

Moving to the decoratives, you have a lot of options. Most the decoratives suggested here, are the ones, that are naturally available, and most importantly, these are cost-effective, too.

Super Easy Fish Tank Decoration Ideas:

  • Rocks- Small rocks that are colorful, and natural-looking, is the first thing to start with. You can either 2-3 moderately sized rocks or create piles of small stones, which will give your aquarium, a natural and artistic effect.
  • Driftwood- Small driftwoods that are commonly found near rivers and ocean, can also be excellent decoratives for your aquarium. Driftwoods are tricky ones when it comes to decontamination. Scrubbing and boiling is a must, to get rid of the contaminants. Driftwoods, when placed in your aquarium, can be excellent hiding places for your fish.
  • Toys – There is no age-barrier when it is some nice and cool toys. You can even create a theme, from the Nickelodeon theme(SpongeBob, square pants, etc.), to the pirate theme(black pearl, magic compass, etc.), with the toys you have. The fish will enjoy, swimming around these strange, yet, interesting objects, and for you, the whole thing is a visual treat.It is always better to avoid the toys that rust or peel, overtime.
  • Caves – A cave inside an aquarium. Giving your fish, a home inside a home, is another cool way to decorate your aquarium.To begin with the simplest one, you can create a cave by cutting a clay flower pot, or a piece of PVC pipe, in half; make sure the edges are cut properly and smoothened using sandpaper. To make this artificial cave, blend in with the aquarium environment, you can either cover the cave with the small gravels, or use- aquarium safe silicone. If you are using silicone coating for your caves, make sure, these are put into the caves, only after the silicone, has been dried.
  • Backdrops – Bright aquatic images, posters or pictures on the sides, is also an ideal means to decorate your aquarium. This is the only decorative that does not need to be sanitized. This is one of the best ways to brighten your tank and add more life to it.

Decorative Plants

Apart from these, you can also try putting a few plants. Creativity has no bounds; just make sure to use it well, when you are designing your aquarium.

One important thing to keep in mind is that, whatever you add, should not bother your fish.

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