How to Choose the Best Freshwater Fish for your Aquarium

How to Choose the Best Freshwater Fish for your Aquarium

Hobbies can bring you joy, contentment, and commitment. Fishkeeping, for one, is a great hobby. But how do you start keeping fish in your home aquarium?

As a beginner, bear in mind that maintaining a thriving aquarium of fishes takes more than just merely feeding them regularly. There are more things to consider other than that. It is essential that you know where to start and what fish you need to take care of because some only last for a few weeks or so.

But first, you should set up the right environment for the freshwater fish to live in such as the tank, the lighting, and the cleaning equipment.

Once you have made a home for the fishes, you can now look for the kind of fish you want to take care of.

Here are some tips for selecting the best fish for your aquarium, or more specifically, for your coffee table aquarium.

  1. Choose the resilient kinds of fish for the aquarium.

In selecting fish for the aquarium, you should also know the general conditions that are suitable for them. Basically, you should go for those types of fish that can endure conditions that may be far from the ideal. This means, neither should they feel intimidated nor their lives be put at risk because of some limitations in their environment. The right fish to start off then are those who are resilient enough to survive a few unwarranted circumstances. In other words, choose a fish that are easy to take care and not too taxing for you.

  1. Choose the types of fish that get along with each other.

You should also remember that different fishes may not get along with each other in one space. So, instead of throwing any fish into your tank, find out which among them are friendly towards each other or which ones can thrive peacefully in just one environment. Opt for the best freshwater fish that do not threaten or eat each other.

  1. Choose freshwater fish suitable to your tank size.

Learn about how they can grow and to what extent. Choose the best freshwater fish that could not put you in an uncompromising situation; the ones that can grow up to 3 inches, at the most. Otherwise, those who grow beyond that length would put the smaller fishes lives in jeopardy.

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