You read the title right. A fish tank computer, or an aquarium PC computer, is now a thing. Some are calling it a Macquarium (if you use a Mac), and we suppose that others may call it a PC fish tank. Either way, check these out:

Turn your old computer PC into a fish tank computer or aquarium PC:

Warning! We don’t want any fish to die during this build so make sure you know what you’re doing, and ideally contact an expert!!!

  • Materials: PC monitor, plexiglas, epoxy, duck tape, permanent glue, foam
  • Tools: safety glasses, work gloves, hammer, rotary tool, pliers, strong tape
  • Process:
    • Remove screws
    • Keep the monitor’s shape and don’t break it – combine the Plexiglas into the screen
    • Attach the plastic to the glass, and then paint the background of the tank
    • Fill up the computer with water, and safely install fluorescent bulbs.
    • Insulate the tank!

Read the full, awesome guide here.

[Build Complete] Aquarium Computer (mineral oil submerged)

 Check out this awesome post on Reddit for how to flip a PC into an awesome fish tank computer using submerged mineral oil.


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