You thought you heard it all, eh? If you’d like, you can install a fish tank toilet in your home!

You might be wondering: isn’t this dangerous for the fish? The answer is no, as it seems that companies devised a way for the water filtration system to be separate from that of the fish, so that when your toilet flushes, the water is kept separate from the fish.

Of course, you do have to clean your toilet fish tank just as you would have to clean any fish tank in your home.

As for buying an aquarium toilet, you’ll have to do some digging, since it is currently not sold on Amazon, and local retailers do not yet offer this online. Prices seem to be around $1000, and we have reached out to a number of local retailers in the hope of offering direct links on this page for you to buy a fish tank toilet in your home.

In the meantime, here are some fish toilet seats that you’ll have to sit on until we find the real fish tank aquarium toilets for you to buy on sale.
Check out this Fish Comfort Toilet Acrylic Seat on Amazon!

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