Fish Tank Coffee Table Fun Glossary

What Exactly is a Fish Tank Coffee Table?

A fish tank coffee table, also known as an aquarium coffee table, is essentially a fish tank that doubles as a coffee table that you can place in your living room. So, instead of your traditional (boring) coffee table, you can have a table filled with water, surrounded by glass, with fish swimming around. Pretty cool eh?

Why Should You Buy an Aquarium Coffee Table?

Depending on your budget, a fish tank coffee table could be a great investment for your home.

For starters, you will likely be the only home on your block putting coffee mugs on top of fish tanks! When you have guests over, your coffee table with fish swimming inside of it will be an immediate conversation starter.

Are There Health Benefits to Having a Fish Tank in Your Living Room?

You betcha. There are numerous health benefits for having a fish tank, and even more so to owning a fish tank coffee table. Sitting down with your coffee, entertaining guests, and having conversation, all the while with pretty tropical fish swimming happily just below you, filled with a vibrancy for life – what could be mentally more warming than that? Watching fish swim is immensely good for your health.

What is the Cost of Operating a Fish Tank Coffee Table?

The  coffee table fish tank itself can run you anywhere from $200 to $2000. In order to spare you the research, we have gone ahead and reviewed what we believe are the best fish tank coffee tables available on the market, and our reviews are below. In addition to the actual coffee table fish tank that will sit pleasantly in your living room, it’s important to keep in mind that there are other costs: fish food, tank decorations (we reviewed a few DIY fish tank decorations to spare you the costs), tank cleaning supplies, and buying actual fish. These are all topics that we will cover in our blog.

Aquarium Fish Tank Coffee Table Reviews for 2017:

We have gone ahead and reviewed the most popular fish tank coffee tables on the market:

Modrest Aquarium – Modern Glass Coffee Table 

When setting out to be buy a fish tank coffee table, many people are lured in by the complex and hexagonal shaped tanks. While these are indeed attractive for a living room, sometimes it is better to spend your money on a more simple, sleek, and modern option.

The Modrest Aquarum is a modern glass coffee table fish tank, who’s minimalist design is actually quite popular in modern living rooms. With an oak veneer base, stainless steel feet, and clear tempered glass, this modern glass fish tank coffee table aquarum is perfect for your living room. 

Although the Modrest acquairum looks almost too-simple, it can definitely be tailored toward your design tastes. Feel free to add decorations, sand, seaweed, and of course, tropical fish to give some much needed color to this living room coffee table tank for fish.

What makes the Modrest aquarium unique?

  • Minimalist and contemporary design
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Elegant Style
  • Rounded Glass Table Top
  • Excellent Craftsmanship

Modrest Sizes and Dimensions:

Item Weight 102 pounds
Product Dimensions 50 x 26 x 15 inches
Assembled Height 15 inches
Assembled Width 26 inches
Assembled Length 50 inches
Weight 102 Pounds

Buy on Amazon: Modrest Aquarium – Modern Glass Coffee Table Black/Black/Rectangular


68 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium, Fish Ready with Light and Filter

Aquariums are always interesting, and refreshing, and how cool it would be, to have one as your coffee table? This Aquarium Coffee Table is surely an attractive addition for your place, which will not only enhance the beauty of your place but will also bring good vibes to your place.

68 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium is worth every penny for two reasons, and those are:

– It comes with all things set, already, meaning you don’t have to wait long, for your aquarium coffee table to get delivered to you, have fish, lighting system installation, filtration installation, etc. Most of the features mentioned here will be inbuilt, meaning, all you need to do, order for the product, wait for its delivery, and savor its beauty.

– The design 68 Gallon has got a simple design, which is also elegant and sophisticated. These features make this coffee table aquarium fit in anywhere in your house.

What makes this 68 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium, unique?

– The cleaning of 68 Gallon Aquarium is made a lot easy, with the glass tank body, and the glass table top. Scratches are common, in the case of acrylic, which is not a problem with the glass.

– The lighting fixtures are installed beneath the wine tank, which makes the aquarium watching, less stressful, as these lights do not have any harm for your eyes. These LED lights in this Aquarium Coffee Table keep the internal environment; warm also improves the aesthetics of your Aquarium.

– With the built-in ecological filtration, your plants, and water pets can have a care-free life, while you can spend some of your quality time with the beauty of your Aquarium.

– You will not need any aid for installation; all you need to do is to fill the tank with water and help the built-in features get into it. All this can be done, by yourself.

– The entire piece is not as heavy as it looks in the photo; it just weighs around 150 pounds.  With the majority of the essential built-in features, black gravels, one unique plant, fish, etc., Aquarium Coffee table makes a very good gift too.

– Another reason why 68 Gallon coffee table aquarium is amazing is that it will not only make a good aesthetic accessory but can be used as a regular table too.  With 68 Gallon capacity, your fishes will have a whole lot if space to swim, entertain you, and lastly help you relax.
Buy on Amazon: 8 Gallon Square Coffee Table Aquarium, Fish Ready with Light and Filter

Aqua Coffee Table 28 Gallon Aquarium

Are you a lover of Aquarium life? Here is the ideal thing for you to gift yourself- Aqua Coffee Table 28 Gallon Aquarium.

What makes Aqua Coffee Table 28 Gallon Aquarium, an interesting accessory are the- shape, look and design. This Aquarium Coffee Table, not mere a coffee table, and is much more than that.

There are lot many things that make Aqua Coffee Table 28 Gallon Aquarium, a better choice, over others. This aqua coffee table has irresistibly stunning hexagonal design, which will make you fall in love with it, with the first look.

In spite of having the lesser capacity, the Aquarium looks big and spacious.

What makes Aqua Coffee Table 28 Gallon Aquarium, unique?

– With just 28 Gallons capacity, this Coffee Table aquarium has a lot of space, for your fish, gravels, plants, and other decorative objects.

– The lighting fixtures are beneath the sparkling dark-blue gravels, which add an extra beauty to your Aquarium. Be prepared to hear some really nice compliments from those who visit your house.

– The feeding spot is on the sides; that way it won’t interfere with the aquarium’s overall appearance. But, do not forget to give the necessary attention that your fish and decorative plants, deserve.

– This coffee table aquarium has acrylics and glass in its construction, which makes the product, not so heavy to carry.

– So what comes with this aquarium?

The filters, aerator, and decorative plants are the goodies that come with the aquarium.

With all these features, you cannot run out of things that you need to talk about, now; getting glued to your aquarium is something that you would do when you purchase this aquarium-cum-coffee table.

Quick information about Aqua Coffee Table 28 Gallon Aquarium

  • The weight of the aquarium is around 56 pounds, which makes it less troublesome to handle. For the installation, you will hardly need any help, as the manual will have every bit of information, you will need.
  • Water type- Fresh Water
  • Base material and Aquarium tank body material is the Acrylic; however, the table top is made out of glass.
  • The product Warranty is one year.
  • The fish tank is hexagonal in shape, and this alone gives a luxurious look to your aquarium. There is no wonder if people start visiting your place, just to have a look at your Fish Tank. Let them have a look at it with a little boasting of yours…

Buy on Amazon: Aquarium Coffee Table w Six Sides

Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium

If you are planning to have a Coffee Table that is both functional and attractive, then you must opt for the Coffee Table Aquarium. As these can be highly functional and visually-appealing and helps you relax quickly.

So, what makes Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium, unique and a must-buy product?

– Firstly, it is the design. The design of this Coffee Table Aquarium is very intriguing, in spite of being a simple one. This simple design has another advantage, and that is, it will be easy for you to clean and maintain this fish tank. If you have not thought of cleaning the fish tank regularly, then you have to think seriously about it. As it is the cleaning or the personal care that will make this furniture look great!!!

– Another good reason to opt for this product is that, its price is pocket-friendly. If you are on a tight budget, but also, want to have a Coffee Table Aquarium, then Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium from Midwest Tropical Fountain would be an ideal choice, as this provides good value for money.

– The tank body and the table top, both are made of acrylic, which means, your tanks will be less susceptible to breakage and other damages. If you have got kids in your house, then think of no other Coffee table Aquarium, but this.

– This coffee table Aquarium is carefully designed and is leakage proof, which again will be largely beneficial, with small kids in your house.

– Sparkling blue glass gravels will make the illumination more dramatic and alluring. Been a long time, since you heard praises from your family or relatives? Have this aquarium in your home, and you can be sure of an ocean of praises and appreciation. The elegant and the sleek beauty, this aquarium has got, is something that you see nowhere else.

– Along with this fish tank, you would be getting a filter pump, decoration plants and extension cord. The two-stage filter-pump will usually be submerged within the tank.

– As said earlier, the functionality of this Coffee Table Aquarium is highly appreciable; you can either place your cordless phone on the table top or just spread your magazines and other books.

Basic Information

  • The tank dimension is Length: 30″ x Width: 30″ x Height: 16″
  • The tabletop dimension is Length: 38″ x Width: 38″
  • Product weight – 90 pounds
  • Tank body and table top material –Acrylic

 Buy on Amazon: Long Octagon Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium

36gl Rectangle Coffee Table Fish Tank, (fish ready with hidden filter and LED lights)

If you are particularly looking for a pure glass aquarium, without any acrylic in it, then 36GL Rectangle Coffee Table Aquarium, from AquaVim is the best choice for you. This fish tank coffee table aquarium has a very simple design, and can beautifully blend in any given room.

There are a lot many reasons for you to go for this Coffee Table, and the biggest reason is the aesthetics. No other material aquarium can look as beautiful as a glass aquarium.

Unique Features for this Awesome Rectangle Fish Tank Coffee Table:

– AquaVim 36 GL Rectangle Coffee Table Aquarium has got a simple shape, which actually makes the aquarium, more spacious for your fishes and also makes the view, alluring.

– AquaVim Coffee Table Fish Tank Aquarium comes with a leakage-proof feature which, which means that this aquarium is comparatively durable than other aquariums.

– The glass material of this fish tank coffee table is usually impact-resistant. When the aquarium is being cleaned, it is pretty normal for you to use the brush. These type of cleaning leads to scratches on the interior walls, in the case of other types of aquarium, and however, this is not the case with the glass aquariums. It is going to appear brand-new for a long time.

– Acrylic aquariums tend to lose their transparency and become dull over time, which is not the case with the glass aquariums. Glass aquariums will have same brightness over the years, with regular cleaning and proper maintenance.

– The tropical theme of this fish tank coffee table aquarium blends beautifully with the LED illumination that is directed towards the fish tank.

– The beautiful view of your aquarium will not be interfered by the filters or the pump, as this equipment setup has a separate column.

– Both the tank and the coffee table are attached to the rollers, with which the setup can be moved from one place to another, effortlessly.

– AquaVim provides excellent value for money and is highly affordable too. With all these features, lastly, this coffee table aquarium will be a perfect attractive addition for any room, and the functionality is no less either. Due to its rectangular shape, it offers ample space on the table top, which can be used for your work, discussion, or anything.

– You get everything from the pump to the gravels; all you need to do is, pour water and choose the right fish for your aquarium, and put them there.

Basic Information for the Rectangle Fish Tank Coffee Table

  • This fish tank coffee table tank dimension is 40 x 21 x 20 inches
  • Product Weight – 130 pounds
  • Tank body and Table top material – Glass

Buy On Amazon: 36gl Rectangle coffee table aquarium, completely fish ready with hidden filter and LED lights

Midwest Tropical: Aqua End Table Aquarium

This living room aquarium coffee table is perfect for holding your coffees, teas, beers, and sodas, while enjoying a chat in your living room, perhaps next to a few magazines and books.

The fish tank coffee table is innovatively designed, and can fit into even the most luxurious feng shui styles of homes.

  • This particular aquarium coffee table offers a great, soothing atmosphere for the fish, with tons of room for them to explore their new deep-water habitat.
  • This fish tank rests on a black acrylic pedestal, and this table aquarium is illuminated from underneath, with a bed of blue glass gravel.
  • Contains lighting, extension cords, decorative plants for the fish to feel like your living room is a deep water sea or ocean floor.
  • Contains a two-stage submersible filter pump to keep your fish tank water fresh and filtered.
  • There is also a solid I&” tempered glass top completes the system designed to provide years of enjoyment.

Basic Information for the Aqua End Table Aquarium

  • Contains solid tempered glass top to provide natural room light to the fish (and any sunlight that appears in your living room). Length of the glass top: 24″ x Width: 24″
  • Base: Length: 15 1/2″ x Width: 15 1/2″ x Height: 20″
  • Holds 15 gallons of water.

Check out this great DIY video for making your very own fish tank coffee table:


Standard shapes and sizes of fish tank coffee table aquariums

        Rectangle                36 gallons       40″L x 20″W x 21″H
        Rectangle                48 gallons       48″L x 24″W x 21″H
        Rectangle                85 gallons       61″L x 34″W x 21″H
        Square                    68 gallons       40″L x 40″W x 21″H
        Corner (triangle)      21 gallons       42″L x 30″W x 21″H
        Hexagon                  50 gallons       44″L x 39″W x 21″H
        Pentagon                 50 gallons       43″L x 41″W x 21″H
        Half circle               60 gallons       60″L x 25″W x 30″H
        Half circle               110 gallons      77″L x 32″W x 30″H
        Full circle                50 gallons       39″L x 39″W x 21″H
        Full circle                70 gallons       47″L x 47″W x 21″H
        Twin-square            50 gallons       54″L x 27″W x 21″H
        Twin-square            77 gallons       76″L x 32″W x 21″H
        Twin-half-circle     120 gallons       72″L x 60″W x 31″H
        Oval                       55 gallons       55″L x 28″W x 21″H
        Dining table/desk    75 gallons        61″L x 36″W x 31″H
        Conference desk     320 gallons     105″L x 62″W x 32″H


Questions and Answers for Acquarium Fish Tank Coffee Tables:

This section is coming soon, but will answer the most popular questions that we have seen for living room fish tanks!

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